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Shielded from the Mighty Sword

Shielded from the mighty sword
Struck down in words of rage
Complacent in demeanor
While life unfolds on page
Neurotic or Erotic
Lost in the confusion of the crowd
Come or go take it slow
Self-pity is allowed
Trivial in comparison
Are the problems of the pack
When life gets to easy
You better watch your back
Just over the horizon
You can see the storm is coming
If you start right now
They might catch you while your running
Loosen up the load
Take only what you need
Do not be discouraged
There is nothing wrong with greed
Value what you will
No one is here to judge
Remember where you came from
And do not hold a grudge
Forgiveness is just a weakness

My goal is to outlast
Take what they offer you
And do not forget the past
Reverb off the highway
Rumbles through my mind
Glimpses of the past
Leave my vision blind
Out there on the blacktop
The wheels spin with ease
In here on my mind
The patience slowly flees
Distracted on the outside
With simple lies of omission
Inside does grow weary
Forcing a division
Ask for the down payment
Some collateral in case of damage
Sleeping with the enemy
Trying to reach the higher vantage
Obsolete is my will power
I have fallen against the field
Planted are the seeds
With no crops yet to yield
Tend to the bloody wounds
No words left to calm
Hurry in from the darkness
Get in before the dawn