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"Just A Thought" - by an inmate in Kane County Jail

Locked down in my cell feeling belligerently disgruntled singing that song by Xscape you know "who can I run to". I already know the answer to that question so it's rather rhetorical. Also thinking if I could just get through this, these moments locked down would be history. Just another sad memory praying to God asking him to grant me serenity, but what's the serenity if the will to change isn't in me. All I wanted to do was get money, have fine girls, drive nice cars, rock the best gear. Now all I want is freedom since all of those choices have disappeared. Going through a battle with these streets just to maintain wealth, but whats wealth when you're doing something that's bad for your health and the battle that was really losing was with my self. Momma always said "that life you living selling drugs smoking weed, carrying guns will leave you one or two places. Dead or locked up, but I didn't want to face the facts. Now I'm locked up fighting a six thirty getting gray hairs cause I'm feeling worried now the facts are in my face, like here face that. Now I'm all alone having troubled thoughts reviewing all of lifes' lessons that I've been taught. Now I think is time to talk with God and see what he wants me to do when times are hard maybe then I'll get the answers, but this is just a thought.