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"Sound The Alarm"

Sound the alarm
The storm is coming
Hide all belongings
My pulse is drumming
Sound the alarm
Someone broke the security
You can bid farewell
To faith and maturity
Sound the alarm
All hells broken loose
Try as you might
There is no calling truce
Sound the alarm
A stranger stirs in the shadows
I recognize his demeanor
We’ve had previous battles
Sound the alarm
Leave no clue unturned
As with the last intruder
He left his mark burned
Sound the alarm
Let no face go unnoticed
Let them identify
And explain all their motives
Sound the alarm
Don’t take any chances
There’s no time left
For moonlight romances
Sound the alarm
There is a peculiar presence
And I cannot avoid
The distinguishing essence
Sound the alarm
For my hope has been stolen
I forgot for once second
I’m the only patrolling