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"There Is A Light On In My Attic "

There is a light on in my attic
There is an addict in my closet
Patiently awaiting the next deposit
There is a hunter setting traps
Counting the days till my next collapse
There is a whisper in the wind
Begging me please to just give in
There is a thief in the night
That pulls me away from the light
There is a tremble from inside
An old lover that wants to reunite
There is an assassin that has been hired
Just waiting for the order to fire
There is a hostage being held for ransom
Remembering the echoes that are entrancing
There is a liar aboard this ship
Looking forward to my trip
There is an evil that is so evading
That relies on me slowly hating
Green with envy
Spotted with spite
White like the virgin

Dark as the night
Complex as the jigsaw
Riddled in irony
Fragile to the touch
Just like the desire in me
Can never be quite sure
What intricate patterns we do weave
Before we go any further
My intentions are not to deceive
Bold as the beggar
Quick as the quill
Scared like the liar
Fresh from the kill
Vain as the mirror
Trampled in fury
Cold as the touch
Vision is blurry
Manic as most
Tragic at times
Ambitions are few
Like leaves of the vine