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"CHANGE" - by Joe Budnick

Mom, I wrote this poem so that you can see,
The up and coming changes in Me
I know all I can do is try my hardest
In making you feel the proudest
I know I said all this before
But mom I cant take this life no more
I want you to be there for me by my side
I promise you that, I wont get out and hide
Im ready to take steps towards a change
I know in the beginning it will be strange
But in the end you'll see the change
I know I need to work on a recovery
And keep it all in my memory
I know that all good things will come,
If I stay away from all the drugs and rum
I know I need to take time to work with my Higher Power
And start like a seed and grow into a flower
I know I was totally out of my mind
To leave my family behind
I know that without a change I will end up dead
So Im ready to do all the things that I have