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"These By Chance Encounters"

These by chance encounters
Are not by chance at all
I have been guided here by a divine plan
Instructed to watch the fall
Carried on the enlightened wing
I have crossed the sea of despair
Nestled safely in the breast of life
With comfort I find so rare
Worrying about tomorrow
Has gotten me here today
I thought this was my resting place
But I know that I cannot stay
My journey has been outlined
The tools have been provided
I once stood in solitaire
Now the kingdom has been divided
Received the inner message
Born of tears and humble cries
I search for the answers
To justify these lies
To take the initiative

With my withered hands
And make a new beginning
Is the start of this bright plan
In the garden of the prophet
Sleep the messenger of sorrow
Believers in the trinity
Designers of the hour
Twilight casts its shadows
Rivers illuminate like stars
Garments cling gently to the body
Revealing the symbolic scars
Eloquent are the whispers
Fragile is the tone
Beckon you to come further
To wander from this home
The soul it is enduring
My heart it does still quake
Waiting for the moment
The time I will not forsake
Travel lightly with my burdens
Take up my own heavy cross
Give honor to the most high
Let Him replace my loss