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"Believe Me When I Tell You"

Believe Me When I Tell You
That I lie to you all the time
Believe me when I tell you
To read between the lines
I'm not ignorant
Just a little spun
I'm not apologizing
Cause I've only just begun
My response has become automatic
Tell you what you want to hear
My response has no emotion
Cause there is nothing left to fear
Crazy is the state of mind
That I seem best to operate
When I am given a choice to choose
Is when I fill my time with hate
Predictable oppositions challenge from all sides
Volunteer politicians console me with their lies
Everything that was once taboo

Has now become a trend
Nothing is too shocking
When it is means to an end
Suspicious looking faces
Line the street at night
Waiting for a witness
Someone to ease their plight
Corresponding with the conspirators
Plotting our next move
Misery police standing guard
With weapons that do sooth
Wrecking balls of solitude
Come crashing through the wall
And cruise ships filled with aliens
Pull into port of call
Electronic fences enclose the field
No longer can you roam
Vicious voices invade your space
Leading you far from home