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I always can escape
The clear and present danger
Somehow I maneuver
While life is getting stranger
Is it just me
Or does everyone feel like this
I can’t stand to be alone
Yet it’s a feeling I cant resist
I look at all these people
With less than blank expression
Needless to say
They’ve made their first impression
Could it be there they are nothing more
Than just the tragic end I think its misery Everyone’s long lost friend
Don’t dare ask someone
What they really think “
I’ll get back to you next Tuesday
I need to run it by my shrink

“ And don’t expect too much
Especially a good deed
That rhymes to obvious
Cause everyone thrives on greed
What can you do for me

And just how will I benefit
Your behavior is disturbing
And palace built of shit
Lies, deception, couldn’t be further from the truth Everyone wants to believe
Provided there’s some proof
Sex, money, and power
Feed the will to live
Take these things away
And man returns to bibs
He will cheat his wife Ignore his kids
Steal from his friends
Then turn around and ask God
“Will this madness never end”?
He needs no answer to justify his actions
Needs only to create a diversion
Some tactical distraction So good at this game
Like in search of some reward
Well this game gets old quick
For I have already gotten bored
Hypocrites, cons, call them what you will
They will watch you suffer
Just to get a thrill