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"I'm Tired..." - written by a grateful recovering heroin addict

I’m tired of Lockdowns And lost towns
Tired of dirty rigs And on last cig
I’m tired of self-help meetings
And self served beatings
I’m tired of blood stained sheets And facing defeat
I’m tired of one-night stands And bruised hands
I’m tired of burnt spoons And full moons
I’m tired of desperate phone calls And building up walls
I’m tired of telling lies And living in disguise
I’m tired of always running Just to feel that numbing
I’m tired of feeling incomplete And melting in the heat
I’m tired of barbed wire And feeding the fire
I’m tired of all night binges And rusty hinges
I’m tired of drawing the blood To feel the flood
I’m tired of always stealing And scars not healing
I’m tired of losing my friends And making amends
I’m tired of not knowing the truth
And being burdened by proof I’m tired of this strife
And what it’s done to my life